Bringing Organisational
Strategies to Life

A company never stands still, but is constantly evolving. Structures have to be changed, processes optimized and systems adapted. These organizational changes are also accompanied by cultural changes. We support you in the implementation of their organizational transformation. We apply both our methodological competencies in classic and agile project management and our expertise in a wide range of organizational issues in our everyday project work.

HR Future: Target Operating Model

HR Future. We offer you a tried-and-tested holistic approach to transforming HR organizations. In five steps, we accompany and support our customers in changing from the current state to the lived HR future:

    • Define HR strategy
    • Understand the here and now
    • Develop a new HR world
    • Start transformation
    • Live the HR future

We guarantee that the future organization is aligned with the strategic corporate goals and is seamlessly integrated using our integrated project and change management approach.

Agile Organization

A volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment requires new forms of organizational structure. The target model many companies are aiming for is agile organization. The transformation from a classic to an agile organization takes several years and goes through different stages of maturity:

  • Using individual agile instruments
  • Spreading agile methods and working methods
  • Adopting agile structures and positioning
  • Living agile culture

We support our customers step by step along their agile transformation path. As experts in agile project management with many years of experience in change projects, we are the ideal partner for agile transformation projects.

Projekt and Change Management

“Even the most sophisticated organizational change strategy does not implement itself. Since people’s attitudes and behaviors do not change automatically, implementation projects require active project management and extensive change management.
Our integrated project and change management approach (acondas PCM®) combines the “”hard”” factors of project management with the “”soft”” factors of change management. Our approach is to address all aspects of organizational change that are critical to success and to support their implementation in a targeted, active and effective manner. In this way, we ensure the sustainable implementation success of every organizational change.”

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Better project results through a holistic view

  • Faster implementation thanks to more motivated employees
  • Higher commitment to project results thanks to visible sponsors and opportunities for participation

  • More efficient and effective control by identifying dependencies and synergies
  • Risk minimization by involving all important Stakeholders
  • Measurable results through integrated progress and success tracking
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