The digitalization challenge: mastering implementation

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In many cases, the initial hype around digitalization has given way to sober work in this field. Most large companies have defined their digitalization strategy and set their priorities for the coming years in comprehensive digitalization programs.

However, individual digitalization activities may vary widely, depending on whether the programs have a more internal or external focus and whether they target processes and systems or products and services. While some companies concentrate on developing technology-based product and innovative services, which can lead to fundamental changes in existing business models, others are trying to strengthen customer loyalty. Still others want to better understand the behaviors and (potential) needs of their customers, for example by systematically evaluating big data. Finally, there are a number of companies where the standardization and automation of internal processes and operations are at the heart of digitalization efforts.

acondas is experienced in supporting the entire range of implementation activities. We are successfully helping a large life science group develop and bring new digital products and services to market which improve product effectiveness by collecting and analyzing customer usage data. We are also assisting a specialty healthcare provider in further improving their already excellent customer service by expanding online channels. In the chemicals sector, we are supporting an industry leader in developing and implementing a digitalization strategy to monitor and manage all ongoing digitalization projects and evaluate and select new projects. At a leading energy supplier, we are helping introduce robotics technology into standard administrative processes.

In all our engagements, we find that implementing digitalization programs places even greater demands on planning, active management and support than realizing more “classic” change themes.

In particular, it is apparent that digitalization issues …

… cause greater content uncertainty due to their comprehensive nature,

… require a larger number of internal and often external stakeholders due to the scope of the task,

… place entirely new demands on the technical and methodological competencies of project managers because of their significantly stronger ties to IT.

In addition, it cannot be assumed that digitalization projects will be wholeheartedly support company-wide, especially when such programs compete with other activities for resources and require significant top management attention.

Against this backdrop, if you want your digitalization project or program to have the best chance of success, it is advisable to involve experienced experts. At acondas, we are ready to apply our extensive experience and know-how to help you realize your digitalization goals – systematically, efficiently and successfully over the long term.

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