Knowing us: Diverse team with diverse talents

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator survey in our team offered a variety of opportunities for self and team reflection – and in some places also revealed some surprising results. Our team consists of various “types” with different personality traits and preferred ways of working. The findings of the study help us to function even better as a team.

At our strategy meeting in Barcelona, we learned the results of our internal MBTI survey. Together with our long-time leadership trainer and coach, Dragan Milicevic, we spent a whole day looking at our “types” and the respective preferred ways of working. Each of us received an individualized sheet with our own test results.

Quite a few of our colleagues looked at their evaluation with surprise. “On the one hand, I was surprised that my colleagues’ perception of my personality did not match my self-assessment 100%,” our colleague Annika told us, and added: “The joint exchange created great added value here and led to a better understanding of the other’s assessment.” The deviation of the external perception is not uncommon, since the test only gives statements about behavioral preferences, but we can also behave contrary to our type depending on the situation – Dragan explains to us in the coaching.

Overall, however, most of the results correspond to the expectations of our colleagues, except for a few small deviations. In addition, conclusions and new perspectives can be drawn from the deviations, as our colleague Katharina shows us: “My self-assessment did not correspond 1:1 to the test result. This made it clear to me that the “ideal conception” of the self does not always correspond to how we think or act in different situations. Reflecting on myself again and again and taking other perspectives also helps me to understand others better.”

To us, as a team, the test result shows how many different personality types are represented at acondas and it highlights the diversity and our different talents. “I was very pleased with the result, as teams like this can take different perspectives when working on tasks and, in my opinion, achieve balanced results,” reflects Katharina and is joined by her colleague Annika,” I think it’s great to be part of such a diverse team!”

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