Agenda 2023 – Goals for sustainable growth

Categories: All articles, here at acondasPublished On: 18.01.2023

“2022 was a challenging year.”

We heard this very often as the new year began, from both clients and employees. The horrific war in Ukraine, the never-ending COVID pandemic, the gas crisis as well as steep increases in energy prices, inflation rates and interest rates – these and many other developments hit not only companies hard, but also all of us personally.

What will happen in 2023? As a strategy implementation consultancy, we advise our clients not to develop rigid long-term strategies in times of high uncertainty, but to set strategic goals and implement them adaptively. And that’s exactly how we plan to move forward with our own acondas strategy.

On January 10, acondas management and directors met for a leadership workshop in Düsseldorf to set priorities for 2023.

All signs point clearly to growth. With our positioning in the consulting market as experts for strategy implementation in the areas of transaction, transformation and value enhancement and with our focus on companies in the energy industry as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we are very well positioned for further growth. Going forward, we will continue to support the energy transition in Germany as well as transformation in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors vigorously. The topic of “sustainability” is important both in client projects and for our own organization, and we have set clear goals for ourselves in this regard.

To support our clients, we will continue to expand the acondas team while maintaining our high quality standards for consultants. In terms of recruiting, we have already set a clear course for growth in 2022, using many new as well as proven existing formats. In 2023, we will expand familiar formats, extend our employer branding to new formats and channels, and involve our team even more in the recruitment of new team colleagues. And we will dispel the old cliché that “consultants only stick around for 3-4 years and then move to the line” and prove through alternative career paths and individual development programs that implementation consulting can also be a long-term dream job, compatible with family, leisure and well-being.

As a strong and rapidly growing team, we feel well prepared for whatever challenges the coming years may bring.

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