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Categories: All articlesPublished On: 17.12.2020

Who has never been here before: something in the project has gone awry and the goals weren’t reached. The project manager doesn’t take responsibility and instead points to “incapable” employees. All blame is passed on to others. As an employee, it is difficult to defend oneself, as this could be seen as criticism of the project manager. And besides, am I even allowed to give superiors feedback on their work?Unfortunately, this culture is still the norm in many departments in the German economy, despite an array of leadership programs. At acondas, we want to avoid this kind of behavior as a matter of principle because it lowers employee satisfaction, which damages our business. This is why openness is one of our core values.

Our 360° feedback culture is an important component of this. We do not only provide feedback in the familiar top-down direction. Younger colleagues are also encouraged to give constructive feedback to their superiors and to discuss their suggestions for improvement, for example in personnel management. Such discussions are also welcome among colleagues. How was my last presentation? Was the customer really satisfied with my work? Did I exhaust every possibility to promote my colleague adequately? For all these questions, we also have the normal performance evalutations. But we also take advantage of every other opportunity, whether over coffee or in the elevator. Everyone can talk to anyone, from junior consultants to management.

Also at company level, we at acondas regularly and anonymously survey all employees on their general perception, satisfaction with the work-life balance, project deployment and other points. Subsequently, we try to solve the biggest problems in the medium term. This system has proven its worth in recent years. Starting from an already high level, employee satisfaction has improved even further, and other sources such as Kununu also agree that we’re right: openness contributes to high employee satisfaction – and thus to the success of customers, employees and acondas.

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