As implementation experts for inhouse consulting and business units
of large companies, we offer the best quality in the market
Systematic and holistic approach
for implementing changes within the company
for change
Project execution
Target achievement
The acondas approach: Strategy for change as starting point
Our approach facilitates change to the desired target operating model through systematic and active transition support.
Strategic approach
Growth strategy
Cost reduction
Organizational optimization
Our team
is highly customer-oriented and has many years of project experience
Ca. 35 full-time consultants.
On average, 5 years professional experience
6 careers levels from Partner to Business Analyst
Broad business knowledge.
Additional and special qualifications
Your success is our success!
Clearly planned and well-structured implementation projects
Professional project management with consistent focus on cost, quality and time
Tangible results of project work; Highly accepted project outcomes due to integrated project teams and clear communication
Excellent value
for money
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Success factors of implementation projects
Based on our experience, all implementation projects feature the same critical success factors.
Success factors
Core competencies
Overall understanding of company / business model
Understanding of and alignment with strategic direction during implementation

Methodical expertise
Mastering instruments and methods for effective project management.

Rigorous adherence to given targets regarding time, cost and quality.

Availability of sufficient and qualified project resources.

Team spirit
One team, one goal: Everybody working together towards project success.
Company strategy as guiding principle
The strategic direction of the company is understood and serves to guide project implementation.

Systematic project management
The project is actively managed with instruments and methods based on PMI standards.

Highest consulting quality
acondas consultants are recruited, trained and deployed under rigorous senior guidance.

Flexibility as required
All required project tasks are performed and the team is scaled over time according to demand. Consultants can work in Germany or abroad.

Integrated project team
acondas consultants deliver work packages in integrated project teams under the client’s leadership.
Our services
We support the professional planning and management of change projects as well as their successful implementation.
Implementation projects
Project structuring
Project planning
Project management, active driver role
Project completion, successful implementation in the line organization
Interim line roles
Supporting functional departments to ensure full project participation
Temporary capacity reducing the burden on key line employees
Temporary cover of line-specific execution tasks
Project management training
Basic understanding
Project management approach
Instruments and methods
Roles and capabilities