CORE – CO2 Roadmap Execution

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New acondas White Paper on How to Implement CO2 Reduction Projects

Meeting the challenges of climate change doesn’t only require ambitious CO2 targets, but swift and effective implementation of appropriate action. Most companies still struggle to develop and execute impactful measures. At acondas – part of Ramboll Group, we developed an implementation approach „CORE – CO2 Roadmap Execution” which addresses the multifaceted challenges of carbon reduction programs:

  • Setting appropriate emissions targets
  • Identifying and planning impactful savings measures
  • Tracking implementation progress and effectiveness
  • Adapting IT systems for target setting and impact tracking
  • Meeting legal requirements in target setting, execution, and disclosure

Our white paper describes an integrated approach across Scopes 1-3, from CO2 baselining and target setting to technical implementation and stakeholder management:

  • Deriving emission reduction targets vis-à-vis baseline and roadmap
  • Planning and executing CO2 savings measures in structured programs for Scopes 1-3
  • Tracking progress and impact along roadmap
  • Including and engaging all relevant stakeholders
  • Adjusting IT system architecture to track emissions data
  • Observing and adjusting to changes in legal frameworks

We developed this white paper to help companies and other organizations implement CO2 reduction strategies and ambitions effectively. By addressing the upcoming challenges and by offering structured solutions, acondas – part of Ramboll Group aims to support our clients’ sustainability and environmental responsibility. This is in line with Ramboll’s overall mission of being the Partner for Sustainable Change.

Our findings underscore the importance of CO2 reduction for both environmental and business sustainability. We encourage all stakeholders to utilize the insights from our white paper to bring their CO2 strategies to life.

Download the full white paper today to explore the detailed challenges and implementation approaches for CO2 reduction.

Download White Paper

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